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A Postcard from Afthonia is the sort of game that lingers with you, a reminder of what's important in life, and what you need to do with it when you have it.
Jay is Games

As you play A Postcard From Afthonia, take a minute to read through the descriptions of mushrooms, trees, and even rocks in each scene. You'll find a breadth of tones and topics that'll make you laugh as much other parts of the game make you think.
Kill Screen

I had missed the amazing sense of wonder Jonas and Verena Kyratzes have poured into every locale, the giggling at dozens of little jokes hidden behind mushrooms and flowers, the clicking on every tiny detail, the exquisite writing, the wonderfully surreal characters, the glorious puns, the richness of ideas and that deep sense of hope and beauty.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Once upon a time, two seemingly different creatures decided to have a baby. (Such things are possible in the Lands of Dream.) But it was a time of revolution and war, and they were worried about their baby's future, so they asked you to help them seek the wisdom of the Oracle…

A Postcard From Afthonia is a short excursion to the Isle of the Sun via the means of a magical portal. Said portal connects to events that take place after The Sea Will Claim Everything, but can be nevertheless be used by someone who has not taken that journey yet.

A Postcard From Afthonia is entirely free, but if you want to support the creation of magical portals, you can pay for these wonderful extras:

  • Audio commentary by the writer/designer.
  • Three Memories: Henry Trollweather reminisces about growing up on the Isle of the Sun.
  • Traditional Afthonian Moussaka Recipe.

The portal was created by Niamh & The Mysterious-Druid with the help of Jonas Kyratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4, The Infinite Ocean), Verena Kyratzes (Serious Sam 4, Zombies and Elephants, the Lands of Dream series), and Chris Christodoulou (Risk of Rain, Deadbolt).
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorJonas Kyratzes
TagsHand-drawn, lands-of-dream, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour


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